Using the Project Infographic

Above, each shape represents a project completed by WPI students in Copenhagen.  Information about each project includes: Project Title, Type, Sponsor, Topic, Subtopic, and Year. If you want to learn more about a project you can click on the shape and then on “Go to project.”


To narrow down what projects appear in the report, select the values you would like to see from the filters in the side-panel.


Project Type indicates the type of work the done.  These categories include Building and Creation, Design and Modeling, and Research and Policy Recommendation.  Project Type is represented by icon shape.


Project Topic indicates the focus of the project.  These categories include Accessibility, Education, Sustainability, and Transportation.


Project Subtopic shows a more exact idea of the focus of projects.  Subcategories for Education include Company Research, Museum, Public Education, and Student Education.  Subcategories for Sustainability include Energy, Green Space, Traffic, and Waste.  Subcategories for Transportation include Automobile, Bicycle, and Public Transportation.  Colors in the graph represent the Topics of projects and shades of each color represent subcategories.


To make the graph return to its original state, simply press the Reset button in the lower left corner.


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