What we do

Students work in teams, advised by two professors to collaborate with your organization, completing a project. Approximately 14 weeks are spent on each project, totaling over 2,000 hours of dedicated work. Our projects cover a wide range of topics, so almost anything is possible!

How we work

We complete six projects in the Fall and six in the Spring.  Technical students spend seven weeks researching to prepare for the collaboration that occurs when they arrive in Copenhagen.  Once here, there work with your organization for an additional seven weeks to complete the work. These projects require students to design and model, build and create, or research and recommend policies for your organization.

Who we are

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is a leader of project based learning in the United States.  The Copenhagen Project Center is one the most popular of WPI’s 40 project centers world-wide.  The Copenhagen Project Center was founded in 1997 and over the course of its 20 years over 100 projects have been completed with 36 different organizations. The students of the Copenhagen Project Center change every year, but our Director and Liaison do not.

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